• Before & After 5 Coffee & Wine Glass

Got the doldrums on a Monday morning? Or feeling positively jubilant, late Friday afternoon. It’s a morning roast or an evening toast at some point during the day. Whether it’s too late for coffee or too early for a wine. It seemingly remains a daily conundrum for you daily 9-5ers. Oh wait! Except now you don’t have to choose. We have a coffee and wine glass in one. This is heaven sent! The choice is made simple with a glass for a well-deserving chardonnay at one end and a coffee mug at the other. You can keep this glass handy beside your bed Monday to Friday and toggle it one way or the other depending on the mood. So whether you’ve got the blues or want to put on your dancing shoes you’ll never be left dry again.

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Before & After 5 Coffee & Wine Glass

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